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Why choose JXLA instead of another log analyzer ?

There's some benefits in JXLA that, you cannot find in another log analyzer:

  • It's written in Java, not Perl (AWStats) or C (webalizer)
  • JXLA is not slow :-), even if it's written in Java !
  • Output can be easily customizable by site, 'just' write its XSL stylesheet
  • Good recognition of browsers and OS information
  • Country locator, to get an idea of where your customers are from
  • JXLA was been written for parsing log files containing logs from different sites hosted on our platform
  • Are you offering free hosting, and the websites url are like http://my.server.com/login_or_whatever/ ?
    JXLA can easily generate all reports based on the beginning of the uri ( ie can generate seperate reports for http://my.server.com/login1/ and http://my.server.com/login2/ ...) .
  • JXLA has been running for many years on Novadeck platform, and now it runs, since many months, on Siteo without problems
  • No need to know regexp to configure JXLA, the process has been simplified @see

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