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Web log parser in Java (April 11 2005)

Jake, in the forum, ask me if I know another log parser in Java, I said no, but I look at sourceforge and freshmeat, and I found two:
Insight but it seems to be dead ( no update since 2003 )
and polliwog ( I like its website ), which has done releases last december.


XSL stylesheet available (April 10 2005)

I update the demo page with fresh statistics from this year, the SXL stylesheet is available !!.
Everything needed is in archive (images, CSS, and JSP pages using JSTL v1.0 to generate HTML output).
No support will be provide for the stylesheet, sorry.
You can submit yours by sending me a mail.


Version 1.1.1 (April 06 2005)

Minor updates, and a huge bug in the configuration of single site parsing
Some one asked me to write a how to for jxla, so I wrote it ( available here), on a real case, which allowed me to find the bug.
The next step will be to write some XSL stylesheet using the JSTL tags, so you will have a complete solution.
If you want to help, just email me ;-)


Website forum (March 29 2005)

I just add a page for talking about JXLA.
You can use it for asking some support, telling us if you are using JXLA, or just to say Hi.


Release 1.1 - update (March 20 2005)

The release 1.1 contains an old release of nioto.Browser ( it considers Firefox as Mozilla 1.X).
The release 0.2.1 corrects this error.

New release (March 19 2005)

The release 1.1 is uploaded to Sourceforge.
All source code are on SourceForge repository, TuxFamily is down until further notice.

News (06 February 2004)

The CVS server is down, TuxFamily has been hacked, so they stoped all hosting servers until they take a decision to stop or continue.
The release 1.1 is coming, just the time to test it more.
What's new ?:
-> update of nioto.Browser library ( amiga is, now, recognized in OSes, as FireBird in browsers)
-> only viewable reverse DNS requests are made, to avoid unecessary wait of requests
-> search engines can have more than on parameter to retrieve query ( google parameters are 'q' for normal search, and 'as_q' for advanced search).

New demo available (14 July 2003)

A new demo page has been set to show you, another presentation of logs report, see it here
You can see the new features mentionen below.
WARNING: flash 6 required !!!

New release in progress (04 July 2003)

Two new features are been integrated to JXLA, a better parsing of user-agent and a country locator based on RIPE database.
( I use java IP Locator for country retrieval, N. Wetters -admin of the project- allowed me to bundle it under Apache License )

What's that ? (07 March 2002)

JXLA is a http log ananlyzer written in Java.

JXLA doesn't make reports in HTML, but in XML. So you can fully configure the output as you want by an XSL stylesheet.

Features (07 March 2002)

  • Multi-websites logs parsing, only one log file for all websites

  • Reverse DNS

  • Support for search engines

  • Configurable log formats for parsing

Dependencies (07 March 2002)

JXLA use the following jakarta-apache components:

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